David Gilmour – Dimming of the Day

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At the Meltdown concert –


claudio barroso says:

david gilmour

Maher Fares says:

Richard Thompson is the most jealous man on earth

Dellani Oakes says:

Beautiful song.

DEB Z says:


Jake Emmett says:

Gilmours’ voice is a perfect match for “Dimming of the Day”.

Jamie Riddell says:

Continuing on a theme

Michael A. Phillips says:

A lullaby for my baby tonight!

CSavageSr says:

If I let it, thsi song could easily make me cry.

Rodrigo Garcia Ferreyra says:

gracias gordo querido

clodelonge92 says:


deathstrikeish1984 says:

if someone has a copy of tony crabtree singing this……………. mind

JesseLeeMusicPage says:

My biggest musical inspiration.

alemartiniani says:

we call him “El Gordo”, and El Gordo made a magnificent rendition of this
beautifully written song by the genious Richard Thompson.

CSavageSr says:

Who is the guy to Uncle Dave’s left who plays guitar and sings harmony? He
is talented also.

CSavageSr says:

@CSavageSr I mean this song…sorry

m5177 says:

much as I like dave gilmour, this isn’t a patch on the Bonnie Raitt or
Alison Krauss versions!

Ryan Wehr says:

this is what happens when you take a great song and mix it with legendary
guitar player/singer. you get perfection!!!!

Susan Charlton says:

Well yer can say what yer want….I think this is a lovely version of
Dimming of the Day..Good choice Mr Gilmour and beautifully sung…

teleman56678 says:

So many stupid people on youtube It amazes me ↓

Ian O'Regan says:

Yeah right – ‘cos David Gilmour can’t think of anything else to play!!!

mr1168726 says:

I dont know why this song makes you all feel like you do, after all, it is
Dave Gilmour, What else would you expect from a genius?

Rodney Patrick says:

Linda Thompson was the only one that I have heard sing this song until now.
He is good and I like his version, but I love Linda Thompson one better….

bubbles4691 says:

simply brilliant!!!……true music…..

ლაზარე ჭოველიძე says:

i love this person like my grendfa :))) he is the most influence guitar
player and singer :)) respect !!!

thestick52 says:


John Tait says:

A whole year of comments, and not one mention of Linda Thompson? Check out
her version with RT if you want a good cry. Each to his own, but I think
they provide better guitar, better vocals, just….better. ( The rest of
the album has some great stuff on it too)

TheJulie720 says:

I didn’t get that at all!! I was crying Buckets listening to this
song–Nothing Cheerful about it, to me :o( Made me Wish I had Someone who
Loved me like this, or even I had Loved Someone like this–Very
Not-Cheerful — But So Beautiful <3 <3 <3

robin2012ism says:

I love you, David!!!

amukher1 says:

The irony is that he is an atheist.

mr1168726 says:

In all honesty, what does this man play that is’nt great.?

John Langstaff says:

An all time great song. Great cover . Alison Krause’s version on her new
album is really good as well. Gotta love Gilmour!

CSavageSr says:

10 people have no souls.

skyfire62 says:

Yes it is a Taylor! 🙂

TheJulie720 says:

just curious, why do you call him Uncle?? :o)

Yosef Sahli says:

Wow this is beautiful… cant even describe it in words

Gary Taylor says:

A lesson in how to make a song your own,thank you David and shine on.

spiderdave6 says:

Well said.

01maxumus says:


Mark Lubeski says:

Bonnie Raitt does a good one also, this is great.

dlh322 says:

big big big huge fan of david gilmour but this is not up to his usual high

Shagnarsty says:

Richard Thompson would be proud.

rockugud1 says:

I listen to this once a week! Its beautiful

Timothy Maynard says:

Dave is the best Uncle I have ever known.

gneissguy1957 says:

Pretty arangement, but he makes it sound like a cheerful song, which it
isn’t. So on that point he fails to convey the song.

CSavageSr says:

I mean no disrespect. He is just older now. Older than many in the
business. They probaly look up to him like I do/did to my Uncles. Believe
me, I think David is brilliant!!!

Jannie H says:

Hear hear !

Michael Torres says:

what a beautiful song… really, i honestly cant stop. its more of an
obssesion than a passion now.

WolfeBear says:

I think the firwt time i heard this song was in 80-something when the local
PBS aired a folk song fund raiser, Arlo Guthrie introduced some gravel-ty
voiced big guy who sang this song. they repeated the program so I heard it
a few times, it always made me cry. never knew about Richard Thompson til
about ten years later when as a guard I listened to “Beeswings” on a
college station in the guard shack. Later i bought the 1st album qnd was
hooked – o his folk music! not the rock.

mags981 says:

Ahh! Beautiful!!

Paul McAvoy says:

My god, this is great.

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